Zayin Krige

Zayin Krige

Software Developer


Hello! I'm Zayin Krige

I have a love for development and have been coding for fun and professionally for 33 years. I started out with GWBasic(3 years) and have worked in Turbo Pascal (5 Years), ASM (2 Years), Delphi (7 Years), C/C++ (4 Years), Java (10 years), Kotlin (3 Years), Swift (5 Years), Objective-C (9 Years), Javascript (5 Years), PHP (6 Years), Python (2 Years), PERL (2 Years), Flutter (3 Years), Solidity (3 Years) and React Native (6 Years)

I have built numerous mobile apps for both iOS and Android, as well as cross platform apps using React Native and Flutter. I have built NodeJs backends hosted on AWS, and PHP/Laravel backends which are self hosted.

I have plenty of blockchain knowledge and have written a number of custom Ethereum based contracts for clients using Solidity et al.

I have a wide range of experience across many different development related fields and bring a vast depth of systems knowledge with me.

I have built systems using Interbase, Firebird Database, SQL Server, MySQL, CouchDB and DynamoDB on AWS.

I owned and sold a point of sale company that had installations across Southern Africa.

I co-founded a vending ( TopItUp ) startup in 2009 and sold my shares in 2013

Some Highlights


Senior Developer

  • Snapplify-

    I've built iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux apps for I've used Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin and JavaScript on a daily basis

  • StreamerTail

    I've built a number of different products for this client.
    - A ephemeral social chat application using react native.
    - A parental control solution for both iOS and Android.
    - A blockchain based currency - Solidity contracts

  • OrderCloud

    I built a full stock management and mobile ordering system using react native
    - playstore link
    - App Store link

  • AngelTrack

    I built an iOS and Android EMS tracking system which helps dispatch locate EMS responders



I have been developing iOS applications since 2010. I started with Objective-C, but am now fully capable with Swift as well. I am strongly versed in all aspects of iOS development


I have been developing Android apps since 2008. I am strongly capable with both Java and Kotlin


I have 5 years of Javascript backend experience using back ends like Google cloud and AWS


I have 10 years of PHP experience. Currently my preferred PHP framework is Laravel

Cross Platform

I have 6 years of React-Native experience. I have built multiple react native mobile apps that are deployed in both iOS App Store and Android Play store. I also have 3 Years of Flutter cross platform


I have 3 years of Solidity experience. Mostly writing custom contracts to execute specific instructions and transactions on private Ethereum chains


Zayin Krige

Software Developer‚Äč